Vulcan Tokenomics

💵 $VUL Supply

  • Max Supply: 375 Billion coins
  • Total Initial Supply: 330 Million
  • Treasury: 33,000,000 (10%)
  • Sacrificed for VUL: 25,037,427
  • Total Burnt/Unclaimed: 271,962,573
  • Total Circulating: 58,037,427
  • Total FirePit Start: 82.4%
Treasury Allocation (10%)
  • 60% Liquidity for CEX’s as well as the Vulcan DEX for Liquidity
  • 15% VC’s/HF’s/OTC Deals
  • 10% Marketing, Giveaways & Promotions
  • 10% Grants Fund
  • 4% Operating Expenses
  • 1% OOXY Labs

💳 Fees

Vulcan Blockchain is powered by $VUL coin and will implement the following transaction fees: 5% total, split as 3% to the Firepit, 1% to the Treasury and 1% into the Flex component.
Once the $VUL maximum supply is reached, the $VUL coin will become hyper-deflationary which is forecasted to happen between December 2039 - February 2040. At this time the law of Supply vs Demand will come into effect and should in theory cause a consistent price increase over time. On top of this, the FirePit will also act as an additional deflationary mechanism to combat the inflation caused by the rebase prior to the maximum supply being reached.

⚙️ Rebase

The Vulcan Blockchain implements an innovative Auto-Rebasing mechanism for its native cryptocurrency, $VUL. The Auto-Rebasing occurs every 15 minutes during an epoch, increasing the supply of $VUL by 44% annually (APR). Furthermore, this mechanism helps to preserve the coin's purchasing power and encourages network participants to actively support the security and stability of the Vulcan Blockchain.

🔥 FirePit

The Vulcan Blockchain features a unique FirePit burn mechanism, where 60% of all transaction fees generated on the network are redirected to the FirePit. This mechanism helps to mitigate inflation by reducing the overall supply of $VUL, the network’s native cryptocurrency. By burning a portion of the transaction fees, the FirePit contributes to the long-term stability and scarcity of $VUL, promoting its use as a valuable store of value and medium of exchange. The FirePit burn mechanism serves as a key component of the Vulcan Blockchain’s robust monetary policy, helping to ensure its continued success and growth.

🚒 FireStorm

The Vulcan FireStorm is designed to reduce the total supply of $VUL coins through the process of vaporization. Drawing inspiration from the Ethereum Improvement Proposal 1559, FireStorm events will occur every three months to reduce the percentage of $VUL in the FirePit down to 51%. Following the FireStorm event, the FirePit will begin to reaccumulate until the next FireStorm is triggered. This innovative approach ensures a dynamic and sustainable management of the $VUL coin supply.