👨‍🏫 Vulcan Blockchain

Vulcan Blockchain is an independent Blockchain which uses Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus on a system of node validators. Vulcan Blockchain boasts smart contract functionality and is also EVM compatible. The native coin of Vulcan Blockchain is $VUL which is used for paying gas fees, validators and block rewards.
🟢 Standalone Layer 1 Blockchain - Technically Vulcan blockchain is a standalone blockchain which, unlike other Layer 2 solutions, Vulcan does not interact directly with Ethereum base chain.
🟢 EVM Compatibility - The First and most widely used smart contract platform is Ethereum, so in order to take advantage of mature applications and a larger community, Vulcan chose to be compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. This means most applications and tools will work with Vulcan.
🟢 Support Wallets - Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Token Pocket
🟢 Architecture - The Vulcan Blockchain consists of a number of Full Nodes. A portion of the Full Nodes are elected to serve as Validators for a single epoch. The election is managed by Lite Nodes which make up the Vulcan beacon chain. Authorized Full Nodes are given an equal chance to publish new blocks and earn rewards so there is no need to stake vast amounts of Vulcan coins to compete and richer nodes do not take advantage than other nodes in the ecosystem.
🟢 Staking and Governance - PoA consensus gives more flexible options for community governance and is more eco-friendly, better performance, faster block time and low transaction fee compared to PoW which requires high computation power.