Fees & Reward Structure

$VUL is an Auto-Rebasing, Auto-Compounding and Auto-Staking coin which allows the holder to receive automatically consistent reward payouts every epoch.
🟢 Auto Rebase every 15 minute epoch
🟢 Fixed 44% APR Rebase
🟠 FEE: Buy/Sell/Transfer on chain = 5% (Any and all $VUL Coin TX’s), all other tokens; subject to 0 tax as follows:
  • 3% FirePit
  • 1% Treasury
  • 1% Flexible Rebase Component
🟠 GAS: Paid in native $VUL coin.

💱 FixedFlex Rewards

FixedFlex is comprised of 2 components within it:
🟢 The term "FIXED" refers to a constant and unmodifiable APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 44% that is directly distributed as rebases to all $VUL holders who keep their coins in their wallet through Auto-Staking. No action, such as claiming, is required to receive the FIXED rewards.
🟢 The term "FLEX" pertains to 1% of all transaction fees collected from $VUL transactions over a 24 hour period. These fees can be claimed through the Vulcan dApp.
To be eligible for FLEX rewards, a wallet must meet two criteria:
  • Hold a minimum of 1 $VUL coin during the 24 hour period
  • Claim rewards through the Vulcan dApp within the 24 hour period.